Liu Liu (刘浏)

Assistant Professor
Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering
Computer Science (affiliated)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
I am looking for multiple highly self-motivated Ph.D. students to start in Fall 24 and postdocs to work on AI/ML hardware architectures and systems. Please read the information for prospective students and visitors.

Recent News

  • 05/2023: IBM AI Hardware Research Grant, 2023
  • 05/2023: Our work on "ECSSD: Hardware/Data Layout Co-Designed In-Storage-Computing Architecture for Extreme Classification" appears in ISCA'23.
  • 04/2023: Our work on "ALCOP: Automatic Load-Compute Pipelining in Deep Learning Compiler for AI-GPUs" appears in MLSys'23.
  • 01/2023: Our work on "Dynamic N:M Fine-grained Structured Sparse Attention Mechanism" appears in PPoPP'23.
  • 12/2022: Samsung MSL Funded Research Collaboration, 2023
  • 11/2022: Rensselaer-IBM AIRC Research Grant, 2023
  • 09/2022: Our work on "Dynamic Sparse Attention for Scalable Transformer Acceleration" appears on IEEE TC.
  • 06/2022: I am the Web Chair of ASPLOS'23.
  • 03/2022: I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis on "Elastic Processing and Hardware Architectures for Machine Learning".
  • 02/2022: Our work on "Accelerating Structured Sparse Attention with Tensor Core" appears in GTC'22.
  • 11/2021: Our DOTA project on Transformer acceleration appears in ASPLOS 2022.
  • 11/2021: I am honored to serve in the External Reviewer Committee (ERC) of ISCA 2022.
  • 10/2021: I am one of the graduate winners at the ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) during MICRO 2021.